Hi Friends, Thanks for checking out my site!


Here’s my story


I am very blessed my family raised me in Beautiful Lake Tahoe, where i was surrounded by the mountains and nature my entire life! I’m one of 8 kids, I have five beautiful sisters, and two amazing brothers, and the most loving & inspiring parents.


Ever since i can remember, i’ve been outside playing, building snow forts, sledding, hanging out at the lake, hiking and camping in the mountain, and just exploring this beautiful EARTH!


When i was nine years old i was given the opportunity to snowboard for the first time ever, and absolutely fell in love with the sport! Being on the mountains, the energy, the trees, exploring different terrain , just everything snowboarding had to offer inspired me.


My sisters and I were Home-schooled, and we were on the Mountain almost everyday! My two older sisters, Joanie and Stacie were my biggest inspiration. My family, friends, and Sierra at Tahoe supported me from day one. I am beyond blessed for the experiences I’ve had, and the amazing journey I’m on.


I started out competing in USASA events, and worked my way up, through the Nationals, Junior worlds, Vans triple crowns, and so forth. When i was 13 I qualified for the Winter X-Games BoarderX, And was one of the youngest athletes to have ever competed in the winter X-Games.


When I was 15 years old i won my first professional slope-style event, and signed my first contract with Billabong (who is still my main sponsor). That year I also qualified for X-Games Slope-style, and won a bronze medal. I am currently the youngest Winter X-Games athlete to have won a medal. Everything happened so fast, I just remember loving what was going on around me, trusting the universe, and truly following my heart and passion.


I am eternally grateful for every opportunity I’ve been given, and I do not want to take anything for granted because I know how easily it can be taken away. For myself, practicing being in the moment and giving thanks is what keeps me grounded. I’m beyond thankful for this beautiful life.


Thank you for reading my BIO, and lets all make a positive difference in this world together!


Much love & Light to you!


With Blessings,

Jamie Anderson